You guys I’m not sure why everyone is freaking out about this interview….that’s exactly what we thought and were told before. Besides the 80 years part…but that could be true.  Elena was very loyal to Stefan…and her view of love was different that as a human.  The SB even tho is based on human feelings - is what pushed Elena closer to Damon. I do think that without the SB and her being a vampire - Elena might have always kep tDamon in her “look but don’t touch pile” - turning vampire and being sire bonded broke her free of  that mentality (strangely enough). Yes even tho she lost some of her “agency” being bonded to Damon - she also gained freedom from the human way of thinking.  

In any case - I don’t see how this interview makes a determination for either Damon or Stefan.  I think JP made it clear last season that as a human her choice would always be Stefan. That life would get in the way this year. The only way Elena would choose Stefan would be if she turned back into a human & lost her memories and that’s a big if. 

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  2. broken--melody said: It implies that it would have taken Elena 80 years to even develop feelings for Damon that are equal to her feelings for Stefan. That Elena would never have been comfortable with Damon unless it took 80 years. It’s disgusting.
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