I am apologizing ahead time because I’ve been talking about this a lot the past couple days but I just realized another foreshadow - or foreboding moment. At first this little moment - seemed positive. And most would think  that it implies Damon’s constancy in Elena’s life and it does. However, it also seems to imply limited timing.


"Still here" is telling Elena he’s there for her…but now it sounds doomed like to me. Like how much longer will Damon still be here? What’s going to happen when he is no longer there?  

Again sorry guys - it’s just been on the forefront in my mind lately and since we discussed this earlier this evening….this just came to me and I had to add it to my thoughts. Goodnight! :)

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    Wanna know what happen? Elena chases after him and is going to be there for him. Yup that’s whats going to happen.
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    this will be the end of me. thank you Joanna, no really, thank you -_- ("the worse moment of loving someone is when you...
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    When he “died”, Elena comes back and accidentally remembers this scene.
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    Damon is so dying in the season finale(temporarily of course) O.O
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